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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hidden Tool Storage, In a Flash!

By contributing partner and guest blogger, Isabelle LaRue

I use many different materials in my DIY projects, sometimes combining wood and metal, so I need a versatile fastener that can work with both. This is why I love SPAX Multi-Material Construction Screws!

Monday, June 1, 2015

ONE AND DONE: 5 Reasons SPAX® Multi-Material Screws are a DIYer’s dream.

Whether you walk into your favorite hardware store with confidence or you feel as out of place as a bull in a China shop — chances are, SPAX Multi-Material screws are just what you need. And we’re here to tell you why.

No matter your level of expertise in the world of DIY, you’re probably going to need to buy fasteners at some point. And, for many, that’s where the frustration begins. The number of different fasteners can be overwhelming to even the most experienced DIYers. Many people just starting out don’t realize there are so many different size options and coatings, plus (gasp!) different screws depending on the material you’re using.

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