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Monday, November 14, 2016

Outside Relaxation - Worry Free

Recently, we asked our talented friends at FixThisBuildThat to give our new HCR-X coated exterior screws a try.  In the midst of a deck rehab it was perfect timing to build an outdoor piece of furniture to enjoy the remainder of fall.

Relax, this modern, deep-set sofa is built with cedar and SPAX HCR-X corrosion resistant fasteners ensuring it will withstand the elements.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Are You Up For A Challenge?

This is the second time that SPAX has been honored to be included in sponsoring the highly impressive and oh-so-creative building contest created by our friends at Desert Woodworks. The IG Builders Challenge (IG stands for Instagram for those of you scratching your heads) second season included 1 plan, 2 weeks and 3 celebrity judges!

So just to give you the low down, participants are given a basic plan (this season a farm table) created by our favorite sisters, Shanty2Chic and only 2 weeks to put their personal spin on their completed creations.

Vote for your favorite design from above!