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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why Are Code Approved Fasteners Not All Created Equal?

We're thrilled that this year our PowerLag® structural fasteners were given ICC (International Code Council) approval for your job sites!

While we know that there are other brands out there that claim they have approval too and why, you might ask, is this special, different and worth celebrating? Well we thought it was cool and different enough to grab our contractor friend, Mark Clement (who happens to be one of our biggest fanatics), and make a video to explain exactly why you'll need these for your upcoming projects.

 (Just a little teaser before you watch the video...)
SPAX® consistently has a 20% better value compared to others in the marketplace.  Comparisons include: 
  • Superior performance in pullout value and head pullover value  
  • Variety - 4 different diameters and two different head styles
  • SPAX® is the only structural screw manufacturer that is tested in 7 different species of wood. Meaning that you have a lot of flexibility in fastener choices across the country while installing fasteners in wood varieties from Oak to Cedar. 

So, you can see, there is a lot of competition with an ICC report, but no real competition when you begin to compare the reports. We have the testing to give you peace of mind for your project!

Now watch our latest video below and see for yourself the differences and advantages of using code-approved SPAX® PowerLags® and let us know what you think. 

To learn more about SPAX ® and our PowerLag® selection click here. Thanks!

Do it Once. Do it Right.®

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