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Monday, January 16, 2017

Stopping The Madness: Step Away From The Drywall Screws

It's still an everyday occurrence.  We hear of drywall screw use for multiple applications and people wondering why they are snapping, stripping and projects are failing. (They are called drywall screws for a reason.) OH THE HUMANITY!!!

Recently we were told about a major kitchen cabinet fail where drywall screws were used to hang cabinets. Ok people, listen up - SPAX® happens to make a variety of screws for a variety of applications...including an amazing Cabinet Screw!

With a large, low-profile head, this design provides an increased load bearing area. The T-STAR Plus drive promotes superior bit engagement, especially for overhead work and the patented 4CUT™ Point prevents splitting without pre-drilling! (We can feel your blood pressure lowering already.)

Still skeptical? Well take it from the professionals below and see what they are saying about using SPAX cabinet screws in all your cabinet building and hanging projects:

Popular Mechanics - "You won't need to bore a pilot hole, because these screws have serrated threads toward the tip that cut away wood like a saw. That also means you can drive them close to the end of a board without it splitting. On the underside of their bugle heads are ridges that cut a nice, neat effective that you'll wonder how you ever managed without them." (Click here to read the article in its entirety.)

Sawdust Girl - (We LOVE this great cabinet build tutorial!) - "Most general purpose wood screws require you to pre drill (and if you want the head of the screw to sink below the surface of the material you need to countersink too.) SPAX screws do all that (almost always without splitting any wood) as you drive them so it’s only one step - which is why I almost always refer to SPAX screws in all my tutorials." (Click here to see the tutorial in its entirety.)

Cabinets Direct - "With Spax screws you’re assured that every project will be accomplished in a breeze...You are rest assured that your kitchen and living room cabinets will last for years and stay durable, making your investment worth every penny." (Click here to read the article in its entirety.)

Please, make your projects and your life easier - purchase the right kind of fastener for your projects next time!

Do it once. Do it right. ™

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