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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hang Time - Screwing Around With Drywall

A question we get asked A LOT is "Can I use SPAX® to hang drywall?".  That's a great question and we love that so many loyal SPAX® users want to use our products for everything under the sun!

While SPAX® fasteners are not designed for this specific use we do hear back from users (professional and DIY'ers alike) that they do use them for this applications and others not typically promoted by SPAX®.

SPAX¨ Multi-Material Construction Screws T-STAR Plus Flat Head, Partial Thread

Our patented MULTI head design featuring ribs on the underside of the head facilitates a clean, flush or countersunk finish in wood and acts as a brake against metal hardware to prevent stripping out. This is one of our product WOW factors, however we do need to warn that while the powerful design of the head is fantastic for most materials it may lead to some grabbing and tearing of the drywall paper if used for hanging.

That being said, there are individuals out there that swear by our product like contractor Mark Clement and host of MyFixitUpLife.

Here's what he has to decide!

I have a box of drywall screws to install drywall, but now that I’ve made the leap over to Spax screws for nearly everything I fasten—from framing to decks to basement renos to my version of woodworking projects—what possible reason could I have for keeping the old black iron? Answer is I don't have a reason.

Spax screws rock. The drive system is super-solid: T-Star Plus.

The Spax T-Star Plus drive system vastly—vaaaaaastly—out performs any other system I’ve tried. This includes star drives (the bit always seems to get friction-ed into the screw head), #2 Robertson (aka square-drive) and is a triple jump better than Phillips that are literally designed so the driver cams out of the screw socket when too much force is applied.
But to hang rock, who cares? Use a cheap screw and blow through it. Truthfully, I get it. Why not? Except that the cheap screw sits forever when you’re not using it. It takes up space in between the times I actually install drywall. That’s expensive. It costs time and bandwidth. And it hogs up precious shop space in my view. I’d rather be able to get things quickly, not sift through stuff I barely use.
And because I’m now in the Spax system as it were—all my other screws are T-Star Plus—I don’t have to swap out drives to install drywall. I can just use the same drive—nearly un-wear-outable I hasten to add—I always use. The screw head is the same size as a drywall screw too.
Moves and minutes-saved matters to me, whether it’s to build a deck or install wallboard. It means I’m doing more work, making more progress and having more fun, one turn at a time.

For more from Mark on how to install drywall, click here.

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