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Sunday, August 27, 2017

No Tabling this Subject: Torsion Box Assembly Table

As all woodworkers and builders know, having a completely flat work surface is critical in any shop. We were certainly impressed when Mirza Woodworks in Wildwood, MO shared this recent project.

New torsion table project, ready for use!

This is a torsion box top Assembly/Out feed table, primarily used to ensure that the work surface is dead flat. The top is 48 x 72 inches, it has a T-Track for holding down material and a router table to maximize use without adding the footprint of a stand alone router table.

T- Track installed for material hold down. Installed using SPAX®  #6 3/4 Flat head screws. 

Router plate installed in the top.

The side also utilizes a T-Track to hold material vertically. The bottom cabinet consists of a total of eight drawers and six shelves that are mounted on (20 inch) full extension drawer slides. It also has two cabinets for an air compressor and tool boxes.

Black American Walnut hardwood used on the sides for added durability attached with wood glue and SPAX® #6 1-1/2 trim head screw.

Bottom cabinet with shelves and air compressor.
The whole assembly table is made with plywood and is held together with 1-3/4 inch SPAX® Multi-Material Construction screws. The top is protected with walnut trim which is attached with 1-1/2 hardwood trim head screws. The top is is also held together with the same screws and mounted flush to ensure material will not catch and leaves a nice small screw head for a cleaner look.

Detail of the small SPAX® #6 1-1/2 trim head screw used on the top.

Torsion box top assembly using SPAX® 1-3/4 Multi-Material Construction Screws and wood glue.

Top skin installed on the torsion box using SPAX® #6 1-1/2 trim head screw for a clean look.
 This was built to be used to assemble projects and used as an out feed support for the table saw to make safe cuts.

Stocked with SPAX® screws and ready to go!

Thanks again to Mirza Woodworks for sharing this great project, photos and commentary! Be sure to follow them at:

Facebook: @mirzadesignsww
Instagram: mirzawoodworks

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